Emendments, Lesser Key of Solomon, edited by Joseph H. Peterson (2001)

Last updated: Nov 2, 2021.

Since publication the following emendments are to be noted:

xii, l. 3The name Lemegeton was probably naively invented because of the compiler's ignorance of Latin.Replace with: The title Lemegeton was no doubt adopted from a reference cited in Ars Notoria, which describes it as Solomon's "treatise of spiritual and secret experiments" (tractu spiritualium & secretorum experimentorum). See page 170 below. Ars Notoria mentions another Solomonic title, Helisoe, which is likewise noticed by the compiler of the Lesser Key; see pages 6 and 166 below.
xiii, l. 13  Add: Other manuscripts not utilized include Sloane 3824, titled "Longobardus", a precursor to the Lesser Key; Wellcome MS 4665, a copy by Hockley; and Wellcome 3203, Lea's copy of Hockley's.
16, footnote 37.H and S2 readsshould read: H and S2 read
22, l. 7, and p. 243, l. 18 "He appeareth when the Sun is in some of the Southern signs, in a human shape." Add footnote: Clm 849 reads "Apparet in signo medici cum suscipit figuram humanam; [est] doctor opti[m]us mulierum, et facit ardere in amorem virorum" (He appears in the form of a doctor (medici, not meridii=southern as in Weyer) when he takes on a human form. He is a most excellent doctor of women, and he makes them burn with love for men.) For text see Kieckhefer, Forbidden Rites (University Park Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998, pp. 291-293.)
39, l. 13... in time of acction &c. Add footnote: This spirit occurs as one invoked into a crystal in order to discover a thief, treasure, etc. variously given as Andromalcum, Andromalce, and Andrewemalcus. See Sloane 3847 fol. 17r-18r for an example.
47, footnote 133"(in Hebrew letters"should read: "(in Hebrew letters)"
53, l. 11thou aftshould read: thou art
114, l. 15  Add the following drawing:
130, l. 17signalsshould read: signall [i.e. extraordinary]
134, l. 6Panae1should read: Panael
134, l. 9Mechie1should read: Mechiel
137, footnote 116.   Add: The formulas below differ somewhat from Paracelsus' original, Sudhoff, Paracelsus: Sämtliche Werke. Abt. 1, Bd. 14: Das Volumen primum der Philosophia magna, Oldenbourg: München [u.a.] 1933: Aries: Iron 1 Lot, Gold half Lot, Silver 1 Dr., Copper half Dr.; Taurus: Copper 1 Oz., Iron half Oz., Tin 1 Dr., Gold 2 Oz.; Virgo: Copper 1 Dr., Gold half Oz., Silver 2 Dr., Tin half Dr.; Aquarius: Gold 1 Lot, Silver 1 Oz., Lead 2 Dr., Iron 1 Dr.; Pisces: Gold 1 Dr., Silver 2 Dr., Tin 4 Dr., Iron 1 Dr., Copper 1 Dr. Paulina basically follows Turner's translation, except for mistakenly omitting Silver in the seal of Aries.
237, l. 25divine venueshould read: divine vertue
240, l. 26exocistashould read: exorcista
243, l. 7ring of venuesshould read: ring of vertues
245, l. 9Procellshould read: Procell [Pucel]
[20. Byleth]jufferitshould read: jusserit
[22. Paymon]fustineatshould read: sustineat
[23. Belial]circirershould read: circirer [*circiter]
[23. Belial]didicisteshould read: didicisse
[29. Forras]corundemshould read: eorundem
[43. Focalor]three legionsshould read: <three> [thirty] legions
[52. Amduscias]fistitshould read: sistit
[57. Orobas]idoltumshould read: idolum
[62. Balam]responetshould read: respondet