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Johannes Trithemius: De Septem Secundeis ("Seven Secondary Causes")

This digital edition by Joseph H. Peterson, Copyright © 1998, 2018. All rights reserved.

Johannes Trithemius (1462-1516) was elected abbot of Sponheim when he was just 23 years old. During his years there he built the monastery into a learning center which drew scholars throughout Europe. He later became abbot of St. Jakob of Würzburg.

Trithemius wrote De Septem Secundeis in 1508. His doctrine of cycles of 354 years ruled by planetary angels ultimately derives from none other than the thirteenth-century Paduan physician Peter d'Abano, specifically Conciliator differentiarum philosophorum [et] medicorum. The names in de Abano however were different:

Planetde Abano Trithemius
SaturnCassiel Orifiel
JupiterSachiel Zachariel
MarsSamael Samael
SunMichael Michael
VenusAnael Anael
MercuryRaphael Raphael
MoonGabriel Gabriel

See also Lynn Thorndike, History of Magic and Experimental Science II, 874ff esp. pp. 888ff, and on adoption by Trithemius see Noel Brann, Trithemius and Magical Theology p. 25, 134..

According to Trithemius, the world was created 5206 years before Christ. The seven angels (secondary to God, who is the "First-Intelligence") are given more distinct identities in the third book of his Steganographia.

The Latin text is based on the 1545 edition.

The English translation by published by William Lilly in 1647. The original book is in the University of Minnesota Andersen rare book collection.

mii Abbatis Spanheymenn. De Septem Secundeis, id est, in-
telligentiis, siue Spiritibus Orbes post deum mouentibus, recon-
ditissimae scientiae & eruditionis libellus, muta scitu
que digna mira breuitate in se conplectens
arcana, Imperatori Caesari
Diuo Maximiliano
Aug. Pio sa
piente Di

Ex Archetypo conscriptus, Anno Domini

Impressum Francoforti apud Cyriacum Iacobum

Cum Gratia & Priuilegio.


Abbot of Spanheim,
[Seven Secondary Causes] of the heavenly INTELLIGENCIES,
governing the Orbes under GOD.




Abbatis Spanheimen. Libellus de intelligentiis
Coelestibus, Orbes post Deum guber-

Veterem sententia est plurimorum, Sapientissime Caesar, mundum hunc inferiorem ordinatione primi intellectus, qui Deus est, per secundas intelligentias gubernari, quorum opinioni conciliator assentiens Medicorum dicit, Septem planetis, spiritus septem a principio cvoeli & terrar praefectos. Quorum unusquisque mundum annis gubernat Trecentis, quinquaginta quatuor, mensibusque ex oedine quaternis. Huic positioni complures uiri doctissimi hactenus praebuere consensum, quam ego non asserendo, sed referendo duntaxat facio tuae Maiestati Sacratiss: manifestam.

Dedication, to the Emperor Maximilian

Renowned Caesar, it is the opinion of very many of the Auncients, that this inferious World by ordination of the first Intellect (which is God) is directed and ordered by Secundarian Intelligences, to which opinion Conciliator Medicorum assents, saying, that from the Originall or first beginning of heaven and earth, there were 7. Spirits appointed as Presidents to the 7. Planets.

Of which number every one of those ruleth the world 354. years, and four months in order.

To this Position, many, and they most learned men, have afforded their consent; which opinion of theirs my self not affirming, but delivering, do make manifest to your most sacred Majesty.

Primus Angelus, siue Spiritus Saturni uocatur Orifiel, cui Deus mundum a principio creationis gubernandum commisit, coepitque regimen illius. 15 die mensis Martii, Anno mundi primo, & durauit annis 354, Mensibus quatuor. Orifiel autem nomen est officii, non naturae, spiritui ratione actionis attributum, sub cuius regimine homines fuerunt rudes, & agresti more bestiarum in solitudine commorantes. Quod mea non indiget probatione, cum ex textu Geneseos omnibus sit manifestum.

De septem secundeis

The first Angell or Spirit of Saturn is called Orifiel, to whom God committed the government of the World from the beginning of its Creation; who began his government the 15, day of the moneth of March, in the first year of the World, and it endured 354 years and 4 moneths.

Orifiel notwithstanding is a name appertaining to his Office, not Nature. Attributed to the Spirit in regard of his action: under his dominion men were rude, and did cohabite together in desert and uncouth places, after the homely manner of Beasts. This needs not any manner of proof from me, sith its so manifest out of the Text of Genesis.

1. Orifiel

Secundus mundi gubernator est Anael, spiritus Veneris, qui post Orifielem regere coepit sui influxum planetae, Anno mundi 354, Mense quarto, hoc est, 24 die mensis Iunii, et mundum gubernauit annis 354, Mensibus quatuor, usque ad Annum Orbis conditi 780, ut calculanti patet, aetatem. Sub huius regimine Anaelis homines coeperunt esse ultiores, domusque constituere & urbes, Artes inuenire manuales, opus texttrinum, lanifitium, hisque similia, carnis quoque uoluptatibus per amplius indulgere, uxoresque sibi pulchras assumere, DEVM obliuisci, et a naturali simplicitate in multis recedere, ludosque cantilenas inuenire, cithara canere, et quicquid ad Veneris pertinet rationem et cultum excogitare, durauitque ista in hominibus lasciuia uitae ad Diluuium, sumens argumentum prauitatis suae.

The second Governour of the World is Anael the Spirit of Venus, who after Orifiel began to rule according to the influence of this Planet, in the year of the world 354. the fourth moneth, that is, the 24 day of the moneth of June, and he ruled the world 354 years, and 4 moneths, untill the year from the Creation of the world 708. as appears to any that shall Calculate the Age thereof.

Under the Regiment of this Angell, men began to be more Civilized, built Houses, erected Cities, found out Arts Manuall (viz. Monifactury) the Art of Weaving, Spinning, and Cloathing, and many such like as these, did indulge themselves plentifully with the pleasures of the flesh, took unto themselves faire women for their wives, neglected God, Receded in many things from their naturall simplicity; they found out Sports, and Songs, sang to the Harp, and did excogitate whatsoever did belong to the worship and purpose of Venus. And this wantonness of life in men did continue untill the flood, receiving the Arguments of its pravity from hence.

2. Anael

Tertius Zachariel Angelus Iouis mundum coepit gubernare, Anno ceationis Coeli et terre, 708, Mense, 8, hoc est, 26, die Mensis Octobris, et gubernauit mundum annis 354, Mensibus quatuor, usque ad Annos conditi orbis 1063, inclusiue. Sub cuius moderatione homines primum sibi Dominum in alterutrum usurpare coeperunt uenationes exercere, tentoria facere, & corpora uariis inchumentis exornare, factaque est magna inter bonos malosque diuisio, bonis inuocantibus DEVM, sicut Enoch, quem transtulit Dominus) [3] malis autem post carnis illecebras discurrentibus. Coeperunt etiam homines sub huius Zacharielis regimine magis ciuiliter uiuere, legesque pati maiorum, mansuescere a feritate priori, sub eius quoque Ducatu Adam primus homo fuit mortuus cunctae posteritati relimquens testamentum necessario moriendi. Varie denique hoc tempore ad inuentiones hominum et artes emerserunt, sicuti historiographi clarius expresserunt.

Zachariel the Angell of Jupiter, began to govern the world in the year of the Creation of Heaven and Earth 708. the eighth moneth, that is, the 25 [*26] day of the moneth of October, and he did regulate the World 354 years, 4 moneths, untill the year of the worlds Creation 1063 inclusively. Under whose moderation, men first of all began to usurp Dominion over one another, to exercise Hunting, to make Tents, to adorn their bodies with severall garments: and there arose a great Division betwixt the good and evill men; the Pious invocating God, such as Enoch, whom the Lord translated to Heaven' the wicked running after the snares and pleasant allurements of the Flesh.

Men also under the Dominion of this Zachariel began to live more civilly, to undergo the Laws and Commands of their Elders, and were reclaimed from their former fierceness. Under his rule Adam the first man died, leaving to all posterity an assured Testimony, that necessarily once we must dye.

Various Arts and Inventions of men did about this time first appear & manifest themselves, as Historians have more clearly expressed.

3. Zachariel

Quartus mundi rector fuit Raphael, spiritus Mercurii qui coepit Anno creationis Coeli et Terre 1063, Februarii die, 24, & prefuit Annis 354, Mensibus 4, et durauit eius dominium usque ad Annos Mundi 1417, & Mensem Quartum. Hisse temporibus Scribaria primo fuit inuenta, et literae primo admodum seu formam arborum, atque plantarum excogitate, quae tamen postea cum tempore et cultiorem sumpsere ornatum, et caracterum faciem as suum gentes arbitrium mutauerunt. Musicalium quoque instrumentorum usus sub regimen huius Raphaelis multiplicari coepit, & mercantiarum primum fuit commutation per homines adinuenta. Nauigandi quoque rudis audatia his temporibus primo fuit pre sumptu, et alia id genus multa.

The fourth Rector of the World was Raphael, the Spirit of Mercury which began in the year of the Creation of Heaven and Earth 1063 the 24 day of February, and he reigned 354 years 4 months, and his Government continued untill the year of the World 1417 and fourth moneth. In these times writing was first found out, and letters excogitated of Trees and Plants, which notwithstanding afterwards and in process of time received a more gracefull shape, and the Nations varied or changed the Face of their Characters according to their own fancy. The use of Musicall Instruments, under the time and rule of this Raphael, began to be multiplied, and Commerce or Exchange betwixt man and man was now first invented: A presumptuous, rude and simple Audacity in these times begot Navigation or the manner of Sayling from one place to another, and many such like things in one kinde or other, &c.

4. Raphael

Quintus gubernator mundi fuit Samael, Angelus Martis, qui coepit 26, die Mensis Iunii, Anno Mundi, 1417, gubernauit Mundum Annis 354, [4] mensibus, 4, usque ad annum, 1771, mensem 8. Sub cuius regimine Martis naturam homines fuerunt imitati. Item sub moderatione huius Samaelis diluuium fuit uniuersale, Anno mundi, 1656, sicuti ex Genesios clare patescit historia. Et notandum, quod ueteres tradiderunt Philosophi quoties Samael spiritus Martis rector est orbis, totens Monarchiae notabilis alteratio surgit. Religiones uariantur & Sectae, mutantur leges, Principatusque ad extraneos transferuntur & Regna, quod ex historiis per ordinem facile possumus inueuire [*inuenire]. Verum non statim a Principio regiminis Samael hunc manifestat sui moris affectum, sed posteaquam gubernationis suae medium excesserit, quod idem et de aliorum planetarum Spiritibus est intelligendum, ut in historiis patet qui omnes secundum proprietates naturae astrorum suorum influunt & operantur ad inferiora mundi huius.

The fifth Gubernator of the World was Samuel [*Samael] the Angell of Mars, who began the 26 day of the moneth of June in the year of the World 1417. and swayed the rule of this World 354 years 4 moneths, untill the year of the World 1771. and eighth moneth, under whose Empire and Government men imitated the nature of Mars, also under the Dominion of this Angell, the Universall deluge of waters happened Anno Mundi 1656. as evidently it appears by History out of Genesis. And its to be observed, what the auncient Philosophers have delivered, that so oft as Samuel [*Samael] the Angell of Mars is ruler of the World, so often there ariseth notable alterations of Monarchy. Religions and sects do vary, Laws are changed, Principalities and Kingdomes are transferred to Strangers, which we may easily finde out in order by perusall of Histories.

Notwithstanding Samuel [*Samael] doth not immediatly in the very beginning or entrance of his Dominion manifest the disposition of his behaviour or custome: but when he hath exceeded the middle time of his Gubernation which very thing is likewise to be understood concerning the Angels of the other Planets, (as it may be manifested from Histories) all which do send down their influence according to the Proprieties of the natures of their Stars, and operate upon the inferiour bodies of this World.

5. Samael

Sextus mundi gubernator Gabriel, Angelus Lunae, qui coepit post Samaelem Martis, 28, die Mensis Octobris, anno mundi, 1771, mense 8, & gubernauit orbem, 354, annos, menses, 4, usque ad annos mundi, 2126. His temporibus rursus multiplicati sunt homines, & uarias condiderunt urbes. Et notandum quod hebraei dicunt diluuium factum, Anno mundi, 1656 sub regimine Martis. Sed Septuaginta interpretes Isidorus & Beda confirmant illud factum Anno, 2242, sub Gubernatione Spiritus Lunae Gabrielis, quod & mihi ueritati magis [5] uidetur consentaneum multiplicatione, quam exprimere non est praesentis temporis.

The sixth Governour of the World is Gabriel the Angell of the Moon, who began after Samuel [*Samael] the Angel of Mars had finished his course: the 28 day of the moneth of October in the yeare of the World 1771 and eighth moneth: and he ordered the affaires of the World 354 years and 4 moneths, untill the year of the World 2126. Again in these times men were multiplyed, and builded many Cities: and we must note: that the Hebrews do affirme that the Generall deluge, was Anno Mundi 1656. under the moderation of Mars: But the Septuagint interpreters, Isidorus and Beda confirme the Deluge to be in the year of the World 2242. under the Regiment of Gabriel, the Angel of the Moon, which seems unto me by Multiplication to be rather constentaneous unto truth, but to express my further conception hereof, is not the work of this present discourse.

6. Gabriel

Septimus mundi gubernator Michael fuit, Angelus Solis, qui coepit 24, Februaii [*Februarii], Anno mundi, secundum communem supputationem, 2126, et gubernauit orbem annis 354, Menses quatuor, usque ad annum aetatis mundi, 2480, Menses 4.

Sub Angeli Solis regimine sicuti historiae consonant ueritati, Reges inter mortales primum esse coeperunt, inter quos Nemroth primus libidine dominandi super socios imperium tyrannidis inuasit.

Cultus quoque deorum stultitia hominum institutus fuit, et tenues suos adorare Principes ut deos coeperunt.

Michael the Angel of the Sun was the 7. Ruler of the World, who began the 24. of February, in the year of the World according to common computation 2126. and he governed the world 354. years and four moneths, until the year of the age of the world 2480. and four moneths.

Under the Dominion of the Angel of the Sun even as Histories consent with truth, Kings began first to be amongst Mortall men, of whom Nimrod was the first, that with an ambitious desire of Soveraignty, did Tyrannize over his Companions.

The worship of several Gods by the foolishness of men, was now instituted, and they began to adore their petty Princes as Gods.

7. Michael

Variae etiam artes hoc tempore per homines fuerunt inuentae: scilicet, Mathematica, Astronomia, Magia, & unius Dei cultus diuersis coepit exhiberi creaturis, et ueri cognitio Dei per superstitionem hominum in obliuionem paulatim deuenit.

Sundry Arts also about this time were invented by men; to wit, the Mathematicks, Astronomy, Magique, and that worship which formerly was attributed to one onely God began now to be given to divers Creatures: the knowledge of the true God, by little and little, and the superstition of men became forgotten.


His quoque temporibus architectura inuenta est, & coeperunt homines politioribus uti & moribus et institutis.

About these times Architecture was found out, and men began to use more policy both in their civill institutions, and manners, or customs of living.

Octauo dehinc ordine rursus Orifiel Saturni Angelus, mundum gubernare coepit 26, die Mensis Iunii Anno ab origine mundi 2480, Menses quatuor, annisque 364 & Mensibus quatuor, Orbem secunda uice gubernauit, usque ad annum Mundi 2834, mensemque octauum, Sub ghuius ubernatione [*huius gubernatione] Angeli, [6] multiplicatae sunt gentes, diuisa terra in Regiones, instituta multa Regna, Turris Babel constructa, linguarum facta confusio, homines in omnem sunt terram dispersi, coeperuntque homines terram accuratius colore, agros instituere, frumenta serere, uineas plantare, arbores infodere, et quicquid ad uictum, uestitumque pertinet diligentius acquirere.

From henceforth the eighth time in order, again Orifiel the Angel of Saturn began to govern the World the 26. day of the moneth of June, in the year from the beginning of the world 2480. and four moneth; and he continued his government of the world this second return, 354. years and four moneths, untill the year of the world 2834. and eight moneths. Under the regulation of this Angel, the Nations were multiplied, and the earth was divided into Regions; many Kingdoms instituted; the Towel of Babel was built, the confusion of Tongues then fell out, men were dispersed into every part of the earth, and men began to Till, and Manure the earth more acurately, to ordain Fields, sow Corn, plant Vineyards, to dig up Trees, and to provide with greater diligence, what ever was more convenient for their food, and rainment.

8. Orifiel

A bisto tempore primum inter homines fieri coepit nobilitatis discretio, quando uiri et moribus et ingenio reliquos excellentes insignia gloriae a maioribus terrae pro meritis susceperunt. Hinc primum orbis totus in hominum notitiam deuenire coepit, cum ubique multiplicatis gentibus, et muilta oriebant Regna, & uarie sunt linguarum differentiae subsecute.

From that time forward, first of all, amongst men, the discerning of Nobility begun to be taken notice of; which was, when men in their manner of living, and in wisdom did excell the rest of men, undertaking Trophies of glory from the great ones of the earth, as rewards for their merits: From hence first of all, the whole world began to come into the knowledge of men, whilest every where the Nations being multiplied, many Kingdoms did arise, and various differences of tongues did follow.

Nono autem ordine mundum rursus gubernare inchoauit Anael Spiritus Veneris 29, die Octobris Anno creationis Coeli & Terre 2834, Mense 8. & praefuit Annis 354, Mensibus 4, Usque ad Annum Mundi 3189.

The ninth time in order and course, Anael, the Angel of Venus began again to sway the world the 29. day of October, and in the year of the Creation of Heaven and earth 2834. and 8. moneths: and he presided 354. years, four moneths, untill the year of the VVorld 3189.

9. Anael

His temporibus homines Deum uerum obliuioni tradentes, mortuos & eorum statuas pro Deo colere & honorare coeperunt, qui error plus quam duobus milibus mundum occupauit annis. Introducentes curiosos corporis ornatus, & uaria genera musicalium instrumentorum. homines rursys libidinem & uoluptatem carnis nimium prosequuti sunt, statuas quoque et templa diis suis homines hisce temporibus instituentes et dicantes. Incantationes et malefitia temporibus isis fuerunt excogitata per Soroastem Bactrianorum Regem primum [7] (& alios diuersos) quem Ninus Rex Assyriorum in bello superauit.

In these times men forgetting the true God, began to honour the dead, and to worship their Statues for God, which Errour hath infected the World more then two thousand years: Men did now devise curious and costly Ornaments, for better trimming, and adorning their bodies: found out divers kindes of Musicall Instruments; again, men prosecuted too much the lust and pleasures of the flesh, instituting, and dedicating Statuas and Temples to their Gods. Witchcraft, and Incantations in these times were first excogitated by Zoroaster King of the Bactrians (and divers others as well as he) whom Ninus King of Assyria overcame in War.

Decimo ordine Zachariel Angelus Iouis iterum gubernare coepit ultimo die mensis februarii, anno Conditionis coeli et terrae 3189, et gubernauit annis ex more 354, menses 4, usque ad annum mundi ipsius 3543, & mensem 4.

In order the tenth time Zachariel the Angel of Jupiter, again began to ruler the world the last day of February, in the year of the building, or framing the heaven and earth, 3189. and he moderated according to his custom, and manner 354. years, and four moneths, untill the year of the world 3543. and four moneth.

10. Zachariel

Haec laeta fuere tempora, quae uere aurea dici potuerunt, in quibus omnium rerum copia, & generi humano incrementum contulit, & maximum orbi dedit ornatum.

These were joyfull times, and might truly be called golden, wherein there was plenty of all manner of usefull things, which much conduced for the increase of mankinde, giving thereby exceeding beauty and adornment to the things of this World.

Similiter hoc tempore Deus Abrahae legem circumcisionis dedit, et generis humani Redemptionem per unigenti sui incarnacionem primo pollicitus est.

Sub huius regimine spiritus patriarchar infundatores iustitiae claruerunt, & iusti ab impiis sunt propria uoluntate & opere diuisi.

In like manner about this time, God gave to Abraham the Law of Circumcision; and first of all promised the Redemption of Mankinde by the Incarnation of his onely begotten Son.

Under the Government of this Angel, the Patriarchs first Founders of Justice, were famous, and the righteous were divided from the ungodly, by their own proper indeavour and consent.

Claruit his etiam temporibus apud Archadiam Iupiter qui est Lisania coeli, & Dei filius, Rex, qui primus leges Archadibus dedit, moribus multum fecit esse ciuiles, Dei cultum docuit, templa construxit, instituit Sacerdos, & multa generi humano procurauit utilia, propter quae & Iupiter ab eis dictus est, et post mortem Deo habitus.

About these times in Arcadia, Iupiter grew famous, who was stiled also Lisania, the Son of Heaven and God, a King, who first of all gave Laws to the Arcadians, made them very civill in their manners and behaviour, taught them the worship of God, erected them Temples, instituted Priests, procured many advantagious benefits for mankinde, for which his so great benefits, he was by them termed Jupiter, and after his death accounted for a Deity or God.

Duxit autem originem ex heber filiis, scilicit, Ierari, quemadmodum historiae sonant. Prometheus etiam filius Athlantis sub huius angeli regimine dictus est fecisse homines propterea quod ex rudibus effecerit doctos, humanos mansuetos, moribos, scientiaque politos, imagines arte fecit sese mouere.

He had his Original from the sons of Heber, viz. Gerar, as ancient Histories do record to posterity.

Prometheus also the son of Atlas is reported under the Government of this Angel to have made Men; onely, because of rude and ignorant, he made them wise and knowing, humane, courteous, accomplished in learning and manners: he made Images by Art to move of themselves.

Usum anuli primus excogitauit, sceptrum, [8] diademaque & insignia Regalia similiter inuenit.

Claruerunt & alii Iouiniani his temporibus homines sapientissimi uiri & mulieres, qui suo ingenio multa generi humano utilia inuenta tradiderunt, & propter magnitudinem sapientiae mortui inter deos relati putabantur. Videlicet Phoroneus, qui leges & iudicia primus apud Graecos instituit. Sol, Minerua, Ceres, Serapis apud Aegyptios & aliis complures.

He first found out the use of the Ring, Scepter, Diadem, and all kingly ornaments.

In or about these times other joviall men did excell; men most wise, and women also, who by their own understanding delivered many profitable inventions to mankinde; who being dead, for the greatness of their wisdom, were reputed as Gods: viz. Photoneus, who first of all instituted amongst the Greeks, Laws, and judgements, as also, Sol, Minerva, Ceres, Serapis amongst the Aegyptians, and very many besides.

Ordine undecimo Raphael spiritus Mercurii iterum mundi regimen suscepit prima die mensis Iulii anno mundi 3543, mense 4, & praefuit annis 354, mensibus 4, usque ad annum creationis coeli & terrae 3897, & 8, mensem.

In order the 11. time Raphael the Angel of Mercury again undertook the ordering of the world the first day of the moneth of Iuly, in the year of the world 3543. and fourth moneth; he continued in his Commands 354. years, and four moneths, untill the year of the Creation of heaven and earth 3897. and 8. moneth.

11. Raphael

His uero temporibus, ut clare patet ex uererum historiis, homines sapientiae operani magis dederunt, inter quos fuerunt ultimi clarissimi uiri Mercurius, Bachus, Omogyrus, Isis, Inachus, Argus, Apollo, Cecrops, et complures alii, qui inuentionibus & mundo tunc profuerunt & posteritati.

Verily in these times, as it evidently appears from the Histories of the Ancients, men more earnestly applied themselves to the study of wisdom, amongst whom the last learned and most eminent men, were Mercurius, Bacchus, Omogyius, Isis, Inachus, Argus, Apollo, Cecrops, and many more, who by their admirable inventions, both profited the world then, and posterity since.

Variae quoque his temporibus superstitiones in cultura idolorum per homines fuerunt institutae, incantationesque & artes imaginum diabolicarum mirum in modum auctae, & quicquid subtilitatis & ingenii Mercurio ex more adtribuitur, tunc temporis augebatur.

Severall Superstitions also about these times, concerning the worship of their Idols were instituted by men.

Sorceries, Incantations, and Arts of framing Diabolical Images, were now in a marvellous manner increased, and whatsoever either of subtilty, or wit, that could possibly be attributed to the invention, or cunning of Mercury about these times, did exceedingly increase.

Moses hebraeorum dux sapientissimus, multarum rerum & artium peritus, ueri & unius Dei cultor, hebraeorum populum a seruitate Aegiptiorum in libertatem uindicauit.

Hoc etiam tempore Ianus in Italia primus regnauit, post quem Saturnus, qui stercore agros pinguari docuit, & pro deo habitus fuit.

Moses the wisest Commander of the Hebrews, expert in the knowledge of many things and Arts, a Worshipper of one onely true God, did deliver the people of Israel from the slavery of the Aegyptians, and procured their liberty.

About this time Janus first of all reigned in Italy, after him Saturnus, who instructed his people to fat their grounds with soile or dung, and was accounted or esteemed for a God.

Circa hoc tempus Cadmus literas graecas inuenit, & [9] Carmentis filia Euandri Latinas.

DEUS omnipotens sub reginine huius Raphaelis angeli Mercurii legem populo suo per Mosen dedit inscriptis, quae Christi futurae natiuitati incarne testimonium reddit manifestum.

Near these times Cadmus found out the Greek Letters, or Characters, and Carmentis, the daughter of Evander, the Latine.

God Omnipotent, under the Government of this Raphael, the Angel of Mercury, delivered by the hands of Moses, to his people a Law in writing, which giveth a manifest testimony of our Saviour Iesus Christ, his future birth and nativity to be born in the flesh.

Mirabilis quoque in mundo religionum fuit suborta diuersitas. Multae quoque his temporibus floruerunt Sybillae, prophetae, Arioli, Aruspices, Magi, Vates, ut Sybilla, Erythrea Delfica, Phrygiaque cum caeteris.

Here arose in the World a wonderful diversity of Religions: During these times, here flourished many Sybills, Prophets, Diviners, Soothsayers, or such as used inspection into the entrals of Beasts, Magitians, or Wise-men, Poets, as Sybilla, Erythraea, she of the Isle of Delphos, she whom we call the Phrygian, because she lived in Phrygia with the rest.

Duodecimo autem ordine mundum denuo regere caepit Samael Angelus martis 2, die men: octob: anno mundi 3897, mense 8, durauitque regimen eius annis 354 mensibus 4, usque ad annos 4252, sub cuius regimine fuit magnum illud, ac fomosissimum excidium Troianum in Asia minore, factaque est monarchiae, multorumque Regnorum admiranda mutatio & multarum de nouo ciuitatum institutio, ut Parisienum, Moguntiae, Carthaginis, Neapolis, et aliarum multiarum.

Again in order the twelfth time Samuel [*Samael] the Angel of Mars, began to exercise his Dominion upon the world, the second day of the moneth of October, in the year of the world 3897. and eighth moneth, and his time of ruling, was 354. years, and four moneths from thence, untill the year 4252. under whose Empire and rule, was that great and most famous Destruction of Troy in Asia the less: as also an admirable mutation, and alteration of Monarchy, and many Kingdoms together with new institutions, or moldings of many Cities, as Paris, Monunce,1 Carthage, Naples, and very many besides these.

12. Samael

1. Moguntiae: Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany). -JHP

Multa etiam regna de nouo fuerunt exorta, ut Lacedemoniorum, Corinthiorum, Hebraeorum, & complura alia.

Maxima fuerunt his temporibus in toto mundo bella et praelia Regum et gentium, uariaeque mutationes Imperiorum.

Many new Kingdoms were newly erected, or now had their first beginning, as that of the Lacedemonians, Corinthians, Hebrews, and divers more.

Here in these times all over the whole world, there was very great wars, and Battels of Kings and Nations, and several alterations of Empires.

Veneti ab hoc tempore ex Troanis computant initium & gentis suae, et urbis.

Et notandum quod et aliae nationes plurimae tam in Europa, quam in Asia suam praetendunt originem se sumpsisse a Troianis, quibus tamen accommodare fidei duxi, quantum ipsi ueritatis mihi sufficienti testimonio poterunt persuadere.

The Venetians from this time, do compute and reckon the originall both of their people and City from the Trojans.

And its observable that very many other Nations, as well in Europe as in Asia, pretend to have taken their originall from the Trojans, to whom I thought good to give so much credit, as they themselves were able to perswade me was truth, upon sufficient testimony and proof.

Friuola sunt que afferunt de sua nobilitate et antiquitate, uolentes [10] palam gloriari, quasi non fuerint in Europa gentes ante Troianorum excidium, nullusque inter ipsos Troianos ignobilis.

The Arguments they produce concerning their Nobility and Antiquity are frivolous, being desirous to magnifie themselves openly, as if there were no People, or Nation in Europe, before the Destruction of Troy, or as if there had been no Pesant, or Clown amongst the Trojans.

Item sub huius planetae imperio Saul primus Iudaeorum factus est Rex, posteaque Daniel, cuius filius Rex Salomon, templum Dei ueri toto famosissimum in mundo in Hierusalem construxit, hinc spiritus Dei prophetas suos ampliore lumine gratiae suae illustrans, non solum de futura incarnatione Domini Saluatoris, sedet alia multa praedicere fecit, ut sanctae testantur historiae, inter quos fuerunt Nathan filius Dauid Regis, Gad, Asaph, Achias, Semeias, Asarias, Anan cum pluribus aliis.

Under the moderation also of this Planet, Saul was made first King of the Jews, after him David, whose son King Salomon, built in Ierusalem the Temple of the true God, the most famous and glorious of the whole world: from hence the Spirit of God illustrating, and enlightening his Prophets with a more ample illumination of his grace, they did not only foretell of the future incarnation of our Lord and Saviour, but also many other things, as holy Scriptures do testifie, amongst whom were Nathan son of King David, Gad, Asaph, Achias, Semeias, Asarias, Anan, and many others.

Homerus poeta graecus Troiani scriptor excidii, Dares Phrigyus, Dictis Cretensis qui excidio ipsi interfuerunt, & similiter descripserunt, fuisse leguntur his temporibus in humanis.

Homer the Greek Poet, VVriter of Troys Destruction, Dares, Phrygius, Dyctis Cretensis, who were themselves at the rasing, and sacking thereof, and have likewise described it, are supported to have been alive near about these times.

Ordine tertio decimus, Gabriel spiritus lunae denuo regimen mundi suscoepit 30, die Ianuarii, Anno ab origine uniuersi 4252, & praefuit imperio suo annis 354, mensibus 4, usque ad annum mundi 4606, & mensem 4.

The thirteenth time in order, Gabriel the Spirit of the Moon, again undertook the ordering of this world the 30. day of Ianuary in the year from the beginning of the Universe 4252. and he presided in his Government 354 years, 4 moneths, untill the year of the World 4606. and fourth moneth.

13. Gabriel.

Isto autem tempore plures Apud Hebraeos claruerunt prophetae, Helias uidelicet, Heliseus, Micheas, Abdias, & alii complures. Erantque uariae regni hebraeorum mutationes. Lycurgus iura et leges dedit Lacedaemoniis. Capetus syluuis, Lyberius syluius, Remulus syluius, Procas syluius, Numitor Italiae reges sub huius moderamine spiritus floruerunt, plura etiam regna sub eo noua sumpserunt initia, ut Lydorum, Medorum, Macedonum, Spartanorum, [11] & aliorum. Monarchia Assyriorum in Sardanapalo defecit. Similiter & regnum Macedoniorum consumitur.

In this time many Prophets were famous and excelled amongst the Jews, viz. Helias, Heliseus, Micheas, Abdias, with many others: There were many alterations of the Kingdom of the Jews: Lycurgus gave Laws and Ordinances to the Lacedemonians, Capetus Sylvius. Lyberius Sylvius, Romulus Sylvius, Procas Sylvius, Numitor, Kings of Italy flourished, during the moderation of this spirit: more Kingdomes also had their Originall or foundation under him, as those of the Lydians, Medes, Macedonians, Spartans, and others: the Monarchy of Assyrians under Sardanapalus now ended. And in like manner the Kingdome of the Macedonians was consumed, or worn out.

Helias: Elias.

Heliseus: Eliseus.

Variae hominibus impositae sunt leges, & ueri Dei cultus negligitur, falsorum deorum religio nimis propagatur. Urbs Roma sub imperio spiritus huius construitur anno 1484, qui fuit annus regiminis ipsius Gabrielis in ordine 239, defecitque regnum Syluiorum Italiae & Romanorum incepit. His etiam temporibus Thales, Solon, Chilon, Periander, Cheobolus, Bias & Pictacus septem sapientes in Graetia claruerunt, & ex hinc Philosophi et Poetae in precio haberi coeperunt. Imperauit autem Romae primus urbis conditor Romulus annis 37, fratricida et cultor sedicionis. Postquem Numa Pomp. annis 42, qui cultum deorum ampliauit, tempore Ezechiae regis iudaeorum magna in pace regnum continuit. Circa finem gubernationis huius spiritus Lunae Nabuchodonosor rex Babyloniae Hierusalem coepit, & destruxit, Sedechiam Regem, & omnem populum abduxit captiuum.

Sundry lawes are imposed on men, the worship of the true God is neglected, and the Religion of false Gods too much propagated: the City of Rome is built under the Dominion of this Spirit, in the year 1484. which yeare in order, was the 239 of the Angell Gabriel, the Kingdome of the Sylvans in Italy now ended, and that of Rome began in these times, Thales, [Solon,] Chilon, Periander, Cleobulus, Bias, and Pittacus, the seaven wise men of Greece florished, and from thence Philosophers and Poets came into request. At Rome, Romulus the first founder of the City reigned 37. years being a Fratricide and a stirrer up of Sedition. After whom Numa Pompilius continued that Kingdome in peace full 42 years: he amplified the worship of the Gods, and lived in the time of Hezekiah King of Iudea. About the expiration of this Angell of the Moon his government: Nebuchadonozor King of Babylon, took Hierusalem, and destroyed Zedechiah the King and carryed away all the people Captive.

Hieremias propheta claruit, qui hoc praedixit excidium, Similiter et ex Babylon futuram liberationem.

Hieremiah the Prophet was now famous, who fore-told this destruction, as also their future delivery from Babylon.

Hieremiah: Jeremiah.

Post Gabrielem 14, imperium mundi iterum assumpsit Michael spiritus Solis qui coepit prima die mensis Maii, anno mundi 4606, mense 4, texitque mundum in ordine suo annis 354, usque ad annum connditi orbis 4960, & menses 8.

When Gabriel had finished his course, againe Michael Angell of the Sun did assume the 14. government of the World, who began the first day of the moneth of May, in the year of the World 4606. the fourth moneth, and did rule the World according to his own order 354. years, untill the year of the Worlds Creation 4960. and eighth moneth.

14. Michael.

In tempore huius regiminis Euil Merodach Rex Babylonis libertatem & regem populo restituit hebraeorum, ad directionem Michaelis, qui [12] ut Daniel scribit, pro populo stetit Iudaeorum, cui a Deo fuerant commissi.

In the time of this Angels moderation Evill Merodach King of Babylon, did restore both their Liberty and King to the people of the Jews, according to the direction of the Angell Michael, who as Daniel wrote, stood for the Nation of the Jews, unto whom they were committed by God.

Item hisce temporibus Monarchia regni coepit Persarum, cuius Rex primus Darius, & secundus Cyrus regnum illud Babyloniae potentissimum in diebus Balthasas (ut Daniel et prophethae praedixerunt) funditus destruxerunt.

In these times likewise the Monarchy of the Kingdome of the Persians began, whose first King Darius: and the second Cyrus did bring to nothing or utterly ruine, that most powerfull Kingdome of Babylon in the dayes of Balthazar, (as Daniel and the Prophets had predicted.)

Claret his temporibus Cumana Sybilla, quae nouem libros Tarquinio prisco Regi praecio coemendos proposuit, in quibus futurorum series auisamentorum & ratio continebatur totius Reip: Rhomanorum. Verum Rex denegaret pretium, tres primos libros Sybilla eo uidente exussit, pro reliquis sex idem pretium postulabat. Quod cum ille rursus denegasset, alios quoque tres igni traditit comburendos, quod et de ultimis fecisset, nisi Rex suorum consilio persuasus, eos ab interitu, dato praetio, redemisset, quod pro omnibus fuerat postulatum.

In these times Sybilla Cumana was much spoken of, and grew famous; who brought 9 books to Tarquinius Priscus the King to be bought for a certain price; in which were contained the reason, order, and succession of future Avisements, of the whole common-wealth of the Romans. But when the King refused to give her the price demanded, Sybilla (the King seeing it) burnt the three first books, demanding the same price for the other six; which when again he had denyed to give her, she committed to be burnt three of those remaining, and would have done so by the rest; unless the King by perswasion and Councell of others, had not redeemed them from consuming, giving the same price for the three last, for which he might have had the whole nine.

Item Romani abrogatis regibus duos per annum consules constituerunt.

Phaleris Tirannus Siciliam iis temporibus occupat. Magia quoque temporibus istis apud reges Persarum maximo in praetio fuit.

Pythagoras philosophus & multi alii apud Graecos tunc floruerunt. Templum Hierosolimis, et ciuitas reedificantur.

Moreover the Romans having abrogated Government by Kings constituted two Consuls to reign every year.

Phalaris the Tyrant in these times occupied Sicilia: Magique or naturall Philosophy was also in these times highly esteemed amongst the Kings of Persia.

Pythagoras the Philosopher, and very many others flourished amongst the Greeks; the Temple and City of Hierusalem are a new reedified.

Esdras propheta libros Mosi combustos a Chaldeis, qui et Babilonii fuerunt dicti, memoria usus pro Archetypo reparauit. Xerxes rex Persarum exercitum aduersus Graecos duxit, sed parum profecit. Roma capitur, incenditur & destruitur a Gallis, capitolio duntaxat excepto tutato ab ansere, pugiles Iasos sussitante. Atheniensium bella famosissima iis quoque temporibus fuere. Socrates & Plato philosophi tunc [13] temporis uixerunt.

Esdras the Prophet repaired the books of Moses, burned by the Chaldeans; who were also called Babylonians, and committed them to memory for example. Xerxes King of the Persians brought his Army against the Greeks, but had no success therein. The City of Rome is taken, burned, and destroyed, by the Gaules; the Capitoll only preserved by a Goose, stirring up the weary Champions. The Athenians had eminent wars in these times: Socrates & Plato Philosophers lived now.

Romani iterum abrogatis consulibus, Tribunos & Aediles instituerunt, fueruntque his temporibus multis calamitatibus inuoluti. Alexander quoque Magnus post regimen Michaelis exactum in Macedonia regnauit. Monarchiam Persarum in Dario destruxit, & suo imperio totam Asiam cumparte Europae subiugauit,

The Romans lessened the power of their Consuls, instituted Tribunes & Aedils, and were also about these times involved in many calamities: Alexander the great after the expiration of the rule of Michael, reigned in Macedonia, destroyed the Monarchy of the Persians in Darius: conquered all Asia, and annexed it with part of Europe to his own Empire.

uixit annis 33, imperauit annis 12, mensibus quinque, post cuius mortem infinita bella fuerunt subsecuta, & multa mala, et diuisae est monarchia in quatuor. Apud hebraeos pro sacerdotio Summo concertari captum est. Regnum Syriae inchoatur.

He lived 33 years, reigned 12 after whose death infinite wars and many mischiefs followed, and his Monarchy became divided amongst four.

Now amongst the Jews, first of all, they began to contend for the Priesthood: the Kingdome of Syria began.

Post Michaelem ordine decimo quinto, iam tertio spiritus Saturni Orifiel, regimen orbis assumpsit ultima die mensis Septembris, Anno conditionis uniuersi 4960, mense 8, et praefuit annis 354, mensibus 4, usque ad annum mundi 5315. Sub cuius regimine bellum coepit Punicum inter Romanos & Carthaginenses. Urbs Roma per ignem et aquam penitus quasi consumpta fuit. Colossus imago fusilis aerea pedum 126, terraemotu corruit. Uno hic anno pax fuit Rom: post bellum punicum, qui in 440, annis nunquam sine bello fuerunt.

After the Spirit of Michael had finished his course, then the 15 time in order, Orifiel the Angell of Saturn, the third time assumed the regulating of this World, the last day of the moneth of September, in the year from the building of the Universe 4960. and eighth moneth: and he did rule in Chief 354 years, 4 moneths, untill the year of the World 5315. Under whose moderation, the Punick war began betwixt the Romans and Carthaginians: the City of Rome was almost wholly consumed by fire and water. The Brazen Molten Image called Colossus, in length one hundred and twenty six foot fell down, being shaken by an earthquake. At, or near this time the City of Rome enjoyed peace one year after the Punick War: which Common-wealth had never been without War in 440 years before.

15. Orifiel.

Hierosolima cum templo incenditur et destruitur per Aniochum, et Epiphanem, Machabeorum historia et bella geruntur.

His temporibus, anno ab orbe condita 606, Carthago destruitur & arsit per dies 17 continuos. In Sicilia 70000, seruorum contra dominos suos conspiratio fuit.

Hierusalem together with the Temple is burnt and destroyed by Antiochus and Epiphanes, the History of the Machabees and their Wars were now acted.

In these times Carthage 606 years after its first foundation is destroyed, and burned continually by the space of 17 whole dayes. In Sicilia seaventy thousand slaves made a Conspiracy against their Masters.

Magna iis temporibus portenta uidebantur in Europa, [14] animalia domestica fugere ad nemora, sanguis fluxit, igneus e cœlo globus cum fragore micuit. Midritates [*Mithridates] rex Ponti et Armeniae per annos 40, bellum gessit cum Romanis. Regnum hebraeorum restituitur, quod interruptum fuerat annis 575, a tempore Zedechiae usque ad Aristobolum. Item Germani theutones inuaserunt Romanos, & post multa praelia feruntur uicti, ac 160000, interfecti, praeter innumerabiles, que se cum domensticis interfecerunt sub Caio & Manlio consulibus. Multi nichilominus Romanorum per eos antea fuerunt deleti. Denique bella ciuilia, quae annis durauerunt 40, Romanos ualde attriuerunt. Tres Romae soles apparuerunt, nec diu, sed mox in unum redacti sunt.

Many Prodigies in these times were beheld in Europe; tame domesticall cattle fled to the Woods, it raigned blood, a fiery Ball shined, appeared, and glistered out of heaven with great noyse and crackling. Mithridates King of Pontus, and Armenia held Wars with the Romans 40 years. The Kingdome of the Jews is restored, which had interruption 575 years from the time of Zedechia untill Aristobalus. The people also of Germany called the Theutines, invaded the Romans and after many fights are overcome and one hundred and threescore thousand of them slain, besides innumerable others of them, who slew themselves and familiars under Cajus and Mantius the Consuls: notwithstanding this, many of the Romans were before this cut off by them: after which time, Civill Wars did much shake the Romane Common-wealth, which endured full 40 years. Three Suns appeared and were seen in Rome, but not long ere they were reduced into one.

Pauculos post annos Iulius Caius Caesar Romanorum usurpauit imperium, quod Octauianus Augustus post eum ampliant, & Asiam, Aphricam, & Europam in unam Monarchiam adunauit. Imperauit autem annis 36, per quem Deus pacem orbi contulit uniuerso. Anno a condita urbe 751, Octauiani Caesaeis Augusti 42, Orifielis spiritus Saturni regiminis praescripti anno 245, mense 8, uicesimo quinto die mensis Decembris, Iesu Christus Dei filius ex Maria uirgine in Bethlehem Iudea natus est. Nota quam pulchra diuinae prouidentiae ordinatio. Mundus enim sub Orifielis regimine primo creatus est, & sub tertio quoque misericorditer redemptus, instauratus & Renouatus, ut huic descriptioni regiminis mundi septem spirituum planetarum fidem non modicam tanta factorum consonantia ministrare uideatur. In [15] primo enim regimine Orifielis, una totius mundi fuit Monarchia, sub secundo (ut supra diximus) in multos fuit diuisa.

A very few years succeeding, Julius Cajus Caesar usurped the government of the Romans, which Octavius Augustus after him amplified, and joyned Asia, Africk and Europe into one Monarchy he reigned 36 years by whom, or whose means God gave peace to the whole World: In the year from the building of the City 751. and of Caesar Octavius Augustus 42. and in the 245 year and eighth moneth, the 25 of December, of the government of the aforesaid Orifiel the Angell of Saturne: Iesus Christ the Son of God is born in Bethelem of Iudea, of Mary the Virgin. Note, how faire and wonderfull the Ordination of Divine providence is; for the World at first was created under the rule of Saturn his Angell Orifiel: and mercifully redeemed, instaurated, and made new again under his third government; so that the great number and agreement of concurring Actions, may seem to administer no small beliefe to this manner of description, or setting forth, that this World is governed by the seaven Angels of the Planets: for in the first Gubernation of Orifiel, there was one only Monarchy of the whole World, under his second (as we mentioned before) it was divided amongst many.

Iterum sub tertio, ut cernitur, in unitatem reuocaata, licet, si recte metiamur, manifestum etiam sit in secundo regimine Orifielis unam totius mundi fuisse Monarchiam, cum turris construeretur Babylon. Ab hinc regnum Iudaeorum ablatum est, uictimaeque & iuge sacrifitium cessauerunt, nec restituetur Iudaeis libertas ante tertiam reuolutionem Michaelis spiritus, haeque fiet post Christi natiuitatem anno 1880, mense 8, hoc est anno mundi 7170, mense 8, Christianam religionem iis temporibus multi Iudaeorum et gentilium assumpserunt, simplicissimis atque rusticanis predicantibus, quos non institutio humana, sed Dei spiritus illustrauit. Ad primam simplicitatis innocentiam mundus tum reuocari caepit, utrobique spiritu Saturni Orifiele ipsum gubernante.

Again, during his third, (as is manifest) it was reduced into one, although, if we consider or measure time aright, it is manifest also that in the second government of Orifiel, there was but one only Monarchy, when the Tower of Babel was built. From this time forward the Kingdome of the Jews was quite taken away, and the sacrifice of meat-offerings ceased, nor shall liberty be restored to the Jews before the third Revolution of the Angell Michael, and this shall be after the Nativity of Christ, in the year 1880. the eighth moneth, viz. In the year of the World 7170. and eighth moneth. Many of the Jews in those times, and of the Gentiles also, shall embrace Christian Religion, most plain and simple men preaching the word of God, whom no humane institution, but a divine spirit hath inspired. The World shall then be brought to its first innocency of its simplicity, the Angell of Saturne Orifiel governing the World every where.

Mixta sunt coelestia terrenis, multi etiam Christianorum, pre fide quam praedicabant, a mundi rectoribus crudeliter interfecti. Circa finem regiminis Orifielis, Hierusalem per Romanos destruitur, et Iudae in omnem terram disperguntur, interfectis undecies centum milibus, et uenditis 80000, Reliqui fugierunt, et sic Romani Iudaeam penitus destruxerunt.

Coelestiall things are mixed with earthly, many of the Christians for that faith which they did Preach, shall be slaughtered by the rulers of this World. About the ending of the Moderation of Orifiel, Hierusalem is destroyed by the Romans, and the Jews are dispersed into every Nation, there being massacred of them eleven hundred thousand, and four score thousand sold for slaves, the residue of them fled; and so the Romans wholy destroyed Judea.

Ordine 16, post Orifielem Anael spiritus ueneris regimen totius mundi tertia uice resumpsit, ultimo die Ianuarii anno conditionis coeli & terrae 5315, a Christi uero natiuitate 109, & gubernauit orbem annis 354, mensibus 4, usque [16] ad annos mundi 5669, menses 4, Dominicae uero natiuitatis in carne 463. Et notandum quod pene toto tempore istius regiminis Angeli Veneris, Christianorum ecclesia in persecutionibus floruit, & praeualuit infinitis hominum milibus pro fide Christi occsis. Haereses denique plures his temporibus in ecclesia pullulare caeperunt, que non sine labore & sanguine bonorum utrorum cum tempore fuerunt extinctae.

After that Orifiel had finished his government, Anael the Angell of Venus, the sixteenth in order, the third time reassumed his Regiment of the World: the last day of Ianuary, in the year of creating the Heaven & Earth 5315. but from the year of the birth of Christ 109. and he regulated the affaires of the World 354 years, 4 moneths, untill the years of the World 5669. 4 moneths, but of the Nativity of our Saviour Iesus Christ in the flesh 463. And its remarkable, that almost during the whole rule of this Anael the Angel of Venus, the Church of Christians did flourish in her persecutions, and prevailed; many thousands, of men being Butchered for the Faith of Christ. Moreover in these times very many Heresies began to be broached in the Church, which were not extinguished, but after some time, and with labour & the blood of good men.

16. Anael.

Multi claruerunt iis temporibus uiri in omni genere scientiarum doctissimi et eloquentissimi Theologi, Astronomi, Medici, Orationes, Historiochraphi, et iis consimiles, non solum inter gentes, sed etiam apud Christianos. Cessauit tandem persecutio infidelium aduersus ecclesiam posteaquam Constantinus Caesar Magnus fidem assumpsit, anno mundi 5539, post medium regiminis ipsius Anaelis angeli Veneris, quamuis etiam postea in parte fuerit aliquoties per impios turbata, mansit tamen multo tempore in toto quietissima.

Many men were eminent about these times in all manner of learning, and such as were learned and Eloquent Divines, Astronomers, Physitians, Orators, Historiographers, and men of like quality, not only amongst the Gentiles, but Christians. At length the persecution of Infidels ceased, after that Constantine Caesar the great, had assumed the Christian faith, in the year of the World 5539. after the middle of the Government of the aforesaid Anael the Angell of Venus. Although those professing the Religion and faith of Iesus Christ in some measure were now and then disturbed and molested by the Ungodly; Yet notwithstanding the peace of the Church did remain free from molestation a long time.

Ex hinc genus humanum, quod a tempore Nini regis circa idolorum culturas per annos 2300, miserabiliter errauerat, ad unius Dei fuit cognitionem misericorditer reuocatum.

From this time forward, Mankinde which from the time of Ninus the King, for almost the space of two thousand and three hundred years, had most miserably gone astray about the worship of Idols, was now revoked mercifully to the knowledge of one only God.

Artes uariae subtilitatis his temporibus auctae sunt, & per comuenientia naturae Veneris ornatum sumpserunt & incrementum.

Mutantur enim hominum cum tempore mores, & corpora inferiora secundum influentiam superiorum disponuntur.

Various Arts of Subtilty in these times were augmented, and had increase and reputation according to their convenience to the nature of Venus.

For the manners of men are changed with the time, and the inferiour bodies are disposed according to the influence of the superiors.

Mens quidem libera est, & influentiam astrorum non suscipit, nisi prae nimium, quod cum corpore habet, commertium se inclinando affectum commaculet suum. Angeli enim qui motores sunt orbium, nichil eorum [17] quae natura constituit, destruunt, uel subuertunt.

The mind of man (verily) is free, and receives not the influence of the Stars, unless it doth too much commaculate his affection, by inclining its self with the commerce which it hath with the body. For the Angels who are the movers of the Orbs, do neither destroy nor subvert any thing, which nature it self hath constituted or framed.

Cometa insolitae magnitudinis Constantini mortem praecessit. Arriana haeresis multis in locis turbauit ecclesiam sanctam.

In fine huius regiminis, tempore Iuliani Caesaris, cruces apparuerunt in lineis uestibus hominum.

A Comet of unwonted and unusuall greatness did precede the death of Constantine.

The Arrian Heresie in many Countreys disturbed the holy Church.

Toward the end of this Angels Government, in the time of Iulianus Caesar, Crosses appeared in lines, and Crosses in the garments of men.

In Asia et Palestina secuta sunt bella, pestilentiae & fames in istis locis in quibus cruces apparuerunt. His quoque temporibus circa annos domini 360, Franci in germania sumpserunt initium, qui postea Galliam deuastantes, suo nomine uictam Franciam nuncupauere. Descriptio Frantiae fuit magnitudine longa & lata, cuius Metropolis Moguntia, nunc uero Herbipolis sola.

In Asia and Palaestina wars followed, Pestilences and Famine in those places where the Crosses appeared.

In these times also about the year of our Lord 360. the Franks or Franconians in Germany had their Originall; who afterwards wasting Gallia, gave the name unto it of France, having first overcome and conquered the people thereof. The description of Francia in greatness is long and wide, or of great circuit, whose Metropolis Moguntia sometimes was; now truly and only Herbipolis.

Bauari, Sueui, Rhenenses, Saxones, Thuringi, & circulsiti Pontificatus magnam hodis partem Franciae in Germania occupant. Item anno gubernationis huius Anaelis 280, Romanum inclinari caepit Imperium, cum urbs capta fuit a Gottis & incensa, sed prius Imperialis sub Constantino in Graetiam translata, quod inimicum fuit, & causa totius inclinationis Monarchiae. Nam circa finem huius regimenti Anaelis surrexerunt Radagifus, Alaricus, Athaulfusque Reges Gottorum. Item postea Gensericus Vandolorum, Athila quoque Hunorum, qui totam Europam peruagantes, imperium miserabiliter lacerauerunt, ut in his historiis patet.

The Bavarians, Suevians, the people of Rhine, Saxons, Thuringers, this day do occupie a great part of France in Germany, under jurisdiction of the Papacy in some places. Moreover in the 280 year of the Gubernation of this Angell Anael, the Roman Empire began to decline, whilst the City was taken and burned by the Goths the Imperial seat being first translated into Greece under Constantine, which was very mischievously done, and the only cause of the declining of that whole Monarchy: for neer the determination of this Angell Anael his Regiment, there did arise Radigifus, Alaricus, Atholfus, Kings of the Gothes: Also after this Genserick of the Vandals and Attilas of the Hunns who runing all over Europe, did most miserably teare the Empire in sunder, as is evident in these Histories.

Post Anaelem ordine 17, Zachariel spiritus Iouis regimen uniuersale tertia uice resumpsit prima die Iunii, anno mundi 5669, mense 4, Dominicae uero natiuitatis 463, mense 7, [18] et praefuit annit 354, mensibus 4, usque ad annos mundi 6023, mensemque 8, domini autem 817.

When Anael the Angell of Venus had finished his Regiment, then Zachariel the Spirit of Jupiter did reassume the Universall Government of this World the seaventh time, the first day of June, in the year of the World 5669. the fourth moneth, but in the year of our Lord and Saviour Iesus Christ 463. four moneths; and governed in his turne years and four moneths untill the year of the World 6023. and eighth moneth: but of our Lord God 817.

17. Zachariel.

Multi his temporibus amore philosophiae Christianae sese ad haerenum contulerunt, multa etiam apparuere portenta, Cometes, terraemotus, pluuia sanguinis.

Many men in these times out of their affection to Christian Philosophy, betook themselves to live in the Wilderness: many Prodigies appeared, Comets, Earthquakes, it raigned blood.

Merlinus in Tumbe natus miranda praedixit in principio huius regiminis.

Merlin born in Tumbe, predicted wonderfull things in the beginning or entrance of this Angels Government.

Arcturus quem uulgo Arcum appellant. Rex Britanniae famosissimus Barbaros uicit, pacem ecclesiae reddidit, multa praelia uictor gessit, fidem Christi ampliauit, Galliam totam, Noruegiam, Daciam & multa prouincias suo imperio subiugauit. Erat omnium sui temporis, regum gloriosisimus, qui post multa egregia patrata, nusquam comparauit, multis annis expectatus a Britonibus redire, de quo mirabilis olim Mimi cantilenas aediderunt, quo regnante, Anglia inflore fuit, cui terdena regna seruierunt.

Arthurus who commonly is called Arthur, the most glorious King of great Britain, who overcame the Barbarians, restored peace to the Church, went away conquerour in many battels: propagated the Faith of Christ, subdued to his dominion all Gallia, Norway, Denmark, and many other Provinces. He was the most glorious of all Kings that lived in his time, who after many famous actions performed, did never more appear, being expected to return by the Britains for many years, of whom in times past many praise-worthy songs were published by the Bardes of that people of wonderfull Poesie; for whilest he raigned, England was in its most flourishing condition, unto whom thirteen kingdoms were subject.

Terdena Regna serierunt.

Hisce temporibus Monachorum in Ecclesia Dei ordines caeperunt multiplicari. Theodoricus Rex Gothorum Arrianus total Italiam possedit, Boetium consulem occidit.

In or near these times the severall Orders of Monks began to multiply in the Church of God: Theodoric King of Gothes being an Arrian did possess all Italy, slue Boetius their Consull.

Monachorum ordine

Erant omnia perturbatione plena, imperium simul & ecclesia.

All manner of Estates were full of perturbation, as well the Empire as Church affairs, or Church and Common-wealth were now in great distress.

Perturbatus status Ecclesiae & imperii.

Zenon & Anastasius Imperatores Arriani in Oriente, Theordericus et sui successores in Italia, Honorius rex Vandalorum in Aphrica tyrrannidem exercebant non paruam.

Zenon and Anastasius, Arrian Emperours in the East, Theodoric and his successors in Italy, Honorius King of the Vandalls in Affrica did excercise no small Tyranny.

Clodoueus tandem rex Francorum in Gallia factus Christianus & Gothos superauit, & pacem rebus imposuit, licet non ubique terrarum,

Clodoucus King of France at length in Gallia being turned Christian, both overcame the Gothes, and restored peace in many places, though not in every Country and Kingdom.

Clodoueus Rex Franciae bonus

tempore sancti Benedicti Anno Christianorum quingentesimo, uel circa in principio regiminis huius angeli Zacharielis Iouis, cuius est proprium spiritus, imperia [19] mutare & regna, quod in hac reuolutione factum, multipliciter historiae declarant, & quod ipse facere non potuit Raphaeli Angeli Mercurii successori suo faciencum in Carolo Francorum ordinauit.

In the time of St. Benedict, and year of Christ 500. or thereabouts, in the beginning of the government of this Angel Zachariel the Spirit of Iupiter, whose spirits property it is, to change Empires and Kingdoms, which was done in this Revolution, histories do manifoldly declare; and what himself could not perform, he ordained Raphael the Angel of Mercury, his successor, to perfect in Charles King of French-men.

Multa enim regna sub his 350, annis defecerunt, Gothorum Vandalorum, Burgundionum, Longobardonorum, Thuringonorum, Alemanorum, Bauarorum, et alia complura.

Many Kingdoms came to their periods under these 350. years both of the Gothes, Vandalls, Burgundians, Lumbards, Thuringers, Almains, Bavarians, and very many besides.

Interitus multorum Regnorum.

Iustinianus Imperator primus Rempub: legibus ornauit pulcherrime.

Iustinianus the Emperour first of all about these times beautified the Common-wealth very deservedly with his Lawes.

Iustinianus Imp: gloriae literaiae emporium

Uiri sub zachariele clarissimi plures floruerunt.

Iustinianus templum sanctae Sophiae 400, turrim Constanstino poli extruxit. Imperium bipertitum, confusum, & turbationibus plenum crebrius.

Many gallant and most admirable men flourished under Zachariel.

Iustinianus built the Temple of St. Sophia in Constantinople consisting of 400. Towers. The Empire is divided and made Bi-partite, and ever and anon is more and more oppressed with mischiefs.

Signa multa his apparuere temporibus, ut est reperire in historiis.

Cosdrai Persarum rex Hierusalem coepit, quem Eracleus postea occidit,

Many signs in heaven appeared about these times, as is easily collected from Histories.

Cosdroes king of the Persians took Hierusalem, whom Heraclius the Emperour afterward slue.


Machomet Arabs Saracenorum sectam introducit hisce temporibus circa Christi annum 600, per quam imperium Romanum in Asia ex toto iam cernitur ablatum.

Mahomet the Arabian in these times about the year of Christ 600. introduced the Sect of Sarazens, by which Sect the Roman Empire in Asia is now quite extinguished.

Dagobertus Rex Franciae Anglos, qui tunc Saxones dicebantur, superans interfecit. Notandum, quod fides Christiana paulatim ab hinc in Asia & Aphrica coepit deficere sub intrante secta Sarrocenorum, quae iam totum pene mundi fœdauit.

Dagobert King of France slue the English, at that time called Saxons (whom in battell he overcame). Its remarkable, that by little and little Christianity about these times began to fail in Asia and Affrick, upon entrance of the Sect of the Sarasins therein, which now had almost poysoned the whole world.


Circa annos Domini 774, cruces apparuerunt in uestibus hominum, & non diu postea diuisum est Imperium Romanorum, facta translatione Monarchiae ad Francos in Carolum, qui eripuit de interitu Ecclesiam et imperium, et gessit praelia multa.

About the years of our Lord God 774. Crosses appeared in the garments of men, and not long after the Roman Empire is divided, a translation of the Monarchy being made to Charles who was of the Frankes Nation in Germany, who preserved the Empire and Church from perishing, and fought many famous battels.

Carolus Imp:

Nomen sub eo Vuestgallorum in Saxonia post uictoriam cœpit.

The name of Western Galls, or Westphalians in Saxony after his victory first had its beginning.

[20] Octauo decimo loco post Zacharielem Iouis angelum, Raphael spiritus Mercurii mundi gubernationem tertio suscepit 2, die mensis Nouembris, anno conditionis uniuersi 6023, mense 8, Dominicae uero natiuitatis 817, et praefuit orbi annis 354, mensibus 4, usque ad annos mundi 6378, Dominicae uero 1171.

In the 18. place after finishing the rule of Zachariel, the Angel of Iupiter, Raphael the spirit of Mercury undertook the disposing of this worlds affaires, the third time, the second day of November in the year of the Creation of the World, 6023. eighth moneth, and he swayed the scepter of the World 354. years, four moneths, untill the years of the world 6378. and of our Lord God 1171.

18. Raphael

In principio huius reuolutionis Mercurii Monarchia Romani imperii, sicut diximus, in Carolum Magnum translata est.

Post Carolum filius eius Ludouicus Imperauit annis 25. Quo mortuo, filii eius inter se dimicantes, Imperii uires rursus extenuarunt.

In the first beginning of this revolution of Raphael the Angel of Mercury, the Monarchy of the Roman Empire (as we mentioned before) was translated to Charles the great.

After Charles his son Lodowick ruled 25. years, who being dead, his sons contending amongst themselves, did again extenuate the strength of the Empire.

Normanni Galliam deuastarunt. Romabis fœdatur a Sarracenis. Sub Ludouico secundo sanguis pluit e cœlo in Italia triduum.

The Normans harrowed France: Rome is twice scourged by the Saracens: under Lodowick the second it raigned blood from Heaven in Italy, by the space of three whole dayes.

In Saxonia uilla quaedam cum omnibus aedifitiis et hominibus in momento absorbetur hiatu terrae horribili.

In Saxony, a certain village with all its buildings, and inhabitants was in a moment swept away by an horrible gaping or opening of the earth.

Circa Domini annos 910, motus in Italia facti sunt magni, defecitque Italia ab imperio Fancorum, propriosque sibi constituit reges, quorum primus fuit Berengarius Dux Forouilii, cui septem per ordinem successerunt, annis ferme quinquaginta, usque ad Imperii translationem in Germanos. Factusque fuit primus Imperator Otto, & ex hinc Monarchia reformari coepit, cui filius Otto, et nepos Otto in Imperio successerunt, sub quibus conuertuntur Hungari ad Christianorum fidem. Otto autem tertius sine liberis mortuus, Electores Imperii post se instituit, anno Christianorum 1002, sicuti permanent usque in praesentem diem.

About the year of our Lord God 910. there were many great motions in Italy, and Italy fell from the Empire of the Franks or Franconians, and ordained proper kings for themselves of their own election; the first whereof was Berengarius the Duke of Fonolivium [*Forolivium], after whom seven in order succeeded, near upon fifty years, untill the translation of the Empire unto the Germans: The first Emperour that was thereof was Otho, from which time the Empire began to be reformed; unto whom Otho his son, and hos Nephew Otho after succeeded in the Empire: under whose Government the Hungarians are converted to the Christian Faith. But the third Otho dying without children, instituted after his death Electors of the Empire in the year of Christianity 1002. even as they remain to this present day.

translatio Ro: ump: in Romanos
Ottones Imp:
Hungarorum conuersio ad fidem Christ:
Electorum principium origo

Hierusalem iterum capitur a Sarracenis. Portenta multa sunt uisa in coelo, aere, terra, mari, et aquis. Ottone uero tertio [21] mortuo, Henricus primus principium electione successit, imperauit annis 20, qui Bambergenseum. Ecclesiam fundauit, et moruiens uirgo una cum uxore Kunigunda miraculis, choruscauit, postquem Conradus eligitur primus Dux Francorum, et imperauit annis 20.

Ierusalem is again taken by the Saracens: many strange sights are seen in the air, in the Heavens, in the Earth and sea, and in waters: But Otho the third being dead, Henry the first by election of the Princes succeeded, raigned 20. years, who founded the Church of Bamburg, and dying a Virgin, together with his wife Kunigunda he shone gloriously in miracles; after whom Conrade, first Duke of the Francks is chosen, and ruled 20. years.

Item Gotfridus Comes de Bulien terram sanctam, & Hierusalem de manibus infidelium recuperauit.

Ante finem reuolutionis multa signa et portenta uisa sunt, et paruo elapso tempore gens Tartyarorum egressa de finibus suis, multa Imperio Romano fecit mala.

Godfrey Earl of Bullen also recovered the holy Land, and City of Jerusalem from the hands of the Infidels.

Before the end of this Revolution many signs and Prodigies were seen, and a little time after the Nation of the Tartars exceeded the bounds of their own Country, and did many mischiefs to the Empire of Rome.

Fames, pestilentiae et terraemotus imperio fuerunt. Soles tres in oriente uisi sunt, totidemque Lunae. Anno domini 1153, Fidericus primus Barbarossa dictus, imperare cœpit, et imperauit annis 33, cuius Imperii fuit unicium anno Raphaelis 336. Multa gessit magnifice, uiresque Imperii dilatauit, & multa bella fœliciter gessit, cuius tempore nono Egiani & Lituotrii ad fidem Christi conuersi sunt.

There was Famine, Pestilence, Earthquakes in the Empire: Three suns were seen in the East, and as many Moons. In the year of our Lord God 1153. Frederick first called Barbarossa began to reign, and ruled 33. years, the beginning of whose Government was in the 336. year of Raphael: He did many noble exploits, and enlarged the strength of that Empire, performed sundry wars with great success, in whose ninth year the Egians and Lituotrians were converted to the Faith of Christ.

Nono decimo ordine imperium mundi uniuersale sumpsit tertia uice Samael spiritus Martis, tertio die Martii, anno mundi 6378, et gubernauit annis 354, menses 4, usque ad annos mundi 6732, mense 4. Domini uero 1525, sub cuius regimine multa in orbe terrarum bella fuerunt, quibus infinita hominum milia perierunt, & regna quam plura pristinus terminos amiserunt. Inter fridericum Imperatorem primum, & Romanos proceres discordiae multae fuerunt, et praelia magna & Romanorum multa milia perierunt.

Samael the Angel of Mars in order, the nineteenth time came to accept the Gubernation of the universall world, it being now his third returne, and this he did the third day of March, Anno Mundi, 6378. and he regulated mundane affaires 354. years four moneths, untill the years of the World 6732. four moneth; and of our Lord God 1525. under whose predominancy many wars were all over the whole world, by which means infinite thousands of men perished, and sundry Kingdoms lost their former bounds: betwixt Frederick the first Emperour and the Romane Nobility, many controversies arose, sundry great battels were fought, and many thousands of Romans perished.

19. Samael

Dictus Fridericus [22] Mediolanum funditus subuenit, Leodium destruitur. Hierusalem a Sarracenis iterum capitur. Imperium Tartarorum omnium hoc tempore in orbe maximum his temporibus initium sumpsit, feceruntque in mundo plagam maximam, nec cessant.

The aforesaid Frederick did wholy subvert Mediolanum: Leige is destroyed, Hierusalem is again taken by the Saracens, the Empire of the Tartarians the greatest in the whole World about these times took its beginning, occasioned a very great plague in the World, nor yet do they cease.

Post Fridericum Henricus filius eius ad imperatorem eligitur. Quo mortuo, scisma confundit Imperium sub Philippo & Ottone, et secuta sunt in finibus Germanicae praelia multa, Argentinae, Coloniae, Leodii, VVormatiae Spirae, & in toto Regno. Mendicantium secta his temporibus instituitur, anno Samaelis 40, uel circa. Unde certum est omnia prouidentia fieri. Sarraceni multa praelia aduersus Christianos in Asia & Aphrica gesserunt. Constantinopolis capitur a Germanis, & Balduinus Flandriae Comes Imperator instituitur. Ex Alemania pueri plusquam 20000, a pyratis merguntur in mari, qui uano spiritu seducti, se terram sanctam recuperaturos dicebant.

After Frederick, Henrie his Son is elected Emperour. Who being dead, Schism confounds that Empire; under Philip and Otho many battels followed in the confines of Germany, Argentine, Cullen, Liege, Wormes, Spires, and all over the Kingdome. The sect of begging or Mendicant Friars began in these times, in the 40 year year, or thereabouts of Samael: from whence it is most apparent, that all things are done by providence. The Sarazens fought many battels against the Christians in Asia and Africk. Constantinople is taken by the Germans: Baldwin Earl of Flanders is instituted Emperour. In Almain more then twenty thousand young men are drowned in the Sea by Pyrats, [=pirates] who seduced by a vain spirit, did give forth they would recover the holy land.

Ex hispania coadunati pastores pecorum mulli Parisius accedentes, bona clericorum rapuerunt, populo congratulante.

From Spain many shepheards or keepers of cattle united themselves together, coming to Paris dispoiling the clergy of their livelyhoods, the common people taking part with them, or being well pleased with it.

Sed cum manus in Laicorum extenderunt bona, necati sunt.

But when they extended their hands to take away the goods of the Layity, they were quite cut off and destroyed.

Anno Christianorum 1212, Fridericus secundus eligitur, imperauit annis 33, qui multa contra ecclesiam egit. Anno 1238, Eclipsis & terraemotus continui, multa hominum milia oppresserunt.

In the year of Christ 1212. Frederick the second is elected, he reigned 33. years, and did many acts against the Church. In the yeare 1238. an Eclipse and a continual Earthquake undid many thousands of men.

Frisia quoque per maritimos fluctus pene tota submersa fuit, & perierunt plusquam 100000, hominum.

Tartari Hungariam deuastant, atque Poloniam, Armenia maiori prius, & multis superatis regionibus.

Frisia also by continuall incursions of the sea, was almost wholly drowned, and there did perish more then one hundred thousand of men and women.

The Tartars waste Hungaria and Polonia, Armenia the greater being first subdued, and many regions besides.

Anno Christianorum 1244, quidam [23] Iudaeus apud Toletum fodiens, librum inuenit, inquo erat scriptum: In tertio mundo Christus nascetur de uirgine Maria, & pro salute hominum patietur, mox credens baptizatus est tertius mundus.

In the year of Christ 1244. a certain Jew digging in the ground at Toledo in Spain, found a book, in which it was written, In the third World Christ shall be born of the Virgin Mary, and shall suffer for the salvation of man, not long after the third World believing, shall be baptized.

Tertia Saturni spiritus reuolutio fiat, de qua supradictum est, in cuius principio Christus fuit de uirgine natus.

It was the third Revolution of the Angell of Saturn, concerning which, what is spoken is intended: in the beginning of whose reign, Christ was born of a Virgin.

Romani Pontifices Fridericum abrogantes Imperio 28, annis uacasse dixerunt, usque ad electionem REodolphi Comitis de Habsburg, inter Reges constituentes, principum electione, primo Henricum Comitem de Schuuartzenburg Thuringum. VVilhelmum Comitem Holandiae. Conradum filium Friderici. Alphonsum Castellae, & Richardum Comitem Cornubiae, fratrem regis Angliae, & multiplicata sunt mala in terra.

The Popes of Rome deposing Frederick, it is said the Empire was vacant 28 years, untill the Election of Rodolph Count of Habspurg, [=Hapsburg] constituting Kings by turns in the Intervals or vacancy. First Henry Count of Schuvartzenburg at Thuring by election of the Princes; then William Earle of Holland, Conrade the Son of Frederick, Alfonsus King of Castile, Richard Earl of Cornwall, brother to the King of England, many evils were multiplied upon the face of the Earth.

Hoc tempore circa annos Domini 1260, Suitensium confœderatio primum cœpit, gens parua numero, quaecum tempore creuit & multos nobilium, alios interfecerunt, alios de finibus fugarunt uiri bellicosi, quorum respub: nota est omnibus Germaniae populis.

At or neer this time about the year of our Lord God 1260. the Confederacy of the Switzers began, a small people in number, but have increased with the time, who have slain many of their Nobility, and being a Warlike people have banished and frighted away many others of their Nobles from their proper habitations, whose Common wealth is now known to all the people of Germany.

Anno Christianorum 1273, Rudolphus de Habspurg electione Principum Imperator constituitur, & imperauit annis 18, uir per omnia prudens & optimus, de quo duces Austriae omnes postea descenderunt. Tartari terras Christianorum, Constantinopolis, & Graetiam inuadentes, multa damna Christianis intulerunt.

In the year of Christians 1273. Rudolphus of Habspurg is constituted Emperour by Election of the Princes he raigned 18 years, the best of men, prudent in all manner of affaires, from whom afterwards descended all the Dukes of Austria. The Tartarians invading the Lands of Christians, Constantinpole and Greece, brought infinite damage to the Christians.

Sarraceni multas in Asia ciuitates occupant, & plusquam 4 centies Christianorum interficiunt, Rudolpho mortuo. Adolphus de Nassau in Regem electus est, & imperauit annis 6, quem Albertus filius Rudolphi [24] postea superans in bello iuxta Vuormatiam, occidit & Imperator electus fuit anno 1298, imperauitque annis 10, et a fratris filio interficitur. Ordo Templariorum iussu Clementis Papae quinti destruitur. Insula Rhodus per Christianos de manibus Sarracenorum capta est anno 4, obsidionis & belli contra eos continui. Alberto per nepotem occiso, Henricus 8, Imperator constitutus, Comes Lucenburgensis, qui Imperauit annis 5. Quo mortuo Ludouicus quartus Bauariae imperat annis 32, incipiens anno 1315, cui Romani Pontifices coronam dederunt.

The Saracens do occupie many Cities in Asia, kill and destroy more than four hundred thousand Christians: Rudolphus being dead, Adolph of Nassaw is elected King, he governed six years, whom Albert the son of Rudolph, afterwards overcame and slew in fight neer Wormes and was chosen Imperator in the yeare of Christ 1298. he governed ten years and was slain by his brothers son. The Order of the Knights Templars by command of Pope Clement the fifth is destroyed, the Isle of Rhodes is recovered by Christians out of the hands of the Sarazens, after the War and siege thereof had continued four whole years. Albertus being slain by his Nephew; Henry is constituted the eighth Emperour, being Count of Luxenburg, who reigned 5 years; he being dead Lodowick the fourth of Bavaria reigned 32 years, beginning in the year 1315. unto whom the Popes of Rome gave a Crown.

Fridericus dux Austriae se opposuit, sed ab eo superatus est.

Frederick Duke of Austria opposeth himself against Lodowick, but is overcome by him.

Post Ludouicum Carolus 4, Bohemiae Rex imporator constituitur, qui Episcopatum Pragensem in Archieposcopatum exerit, imperauit annis 31. Terremotus maximi fuerunt. Hic Carolus multa circa taelonea de nouo instituit in fauorem Principum Electorum. Guntherus Comes de Schwartzenburg, se regem appellitans, Carolo imperatori opposuit, sed nihil aduersus eum praeualuit.

After Lodowick, Charles the fourth King of Bohemia is constituted Emperour; who converted the Bishoprick of Prague into an Archbishoprick; he reigned 31 years: there were most fearfull Earthquakes. This Charles did institute many things in favour of the Princes Electors, concerning their Customes and Tallayes, which were not in use formerly. Gunther Count of Schuartzenburg stiled himself King, opposed Charles the Emperour, but prevailed nought at all against him.

Post Carolum filius eius Vuenceslaus imperauit annis 22. Postquem Iodocus Marchio Morauiae successit Sigismundo Vuenceslai germano.

After Charles, his Son Winceslaus governed 22 years: after whom Jodocus Marques of Moravia succeeded, Sigismund Cozen German of Winceslaus.

Vuenceslaus fuit depositus. Leipoldus dux Austriae cum 8, Comitibus, et plus 4000, a Suitensibus in bello dimicans occisus est.

Winceslaus was disposed, Leopald Duke of Austria, 8 Earls, and more then 4000 souldiers fighting against the Switzers, were all by them slain.

Sub Vuenceslao Bohemorum rege & Imperatore dogma Hussitarum initium sumpsit. Quo deposito, Rupertus Comes Palatinus Rheni, Bauarieque dux, fuit electus, & imperauit annis 10, Anno domini, 1369, Sarracenis bellum induxerunt Christiani, sed [25] male successit propter arrogantiam Gallorum, quia plusquam 100000, nostrorum occubuerunt, praeter captiuos, inter quos fuit Ioannes Burgundionum Dux. Multa fuerunt his temporibus bella.

During the government of Winceslaus King of Bohemia Emperour: the Tenets of Iohn Huss had their beginning. Winceslaus being deposed, Rupert Count Palatine of Rhine, and Duke of Bavaria was elected, and ruled 10. years. In the year of our Lord God 1369. the Christians did ingage themselves in a war against the Sarazens, which succeeded ill by reason of the French mens Arrogancy: because more then one hundred thousand of our men did dye in that war; besides such as were made Captives, amongst whom was Iohn Duke of Burgundy, many were the wars of those times.

Anno 1407, Sigismundus fit Imperator annis 27. Bohemiam uastare conatus est pro exturbatione haeresum, sed parum profecit. Regnum Frantiae per Anglos & Burgundiones atrociter uastatur & affligitur. Sigismundo uita defunctio, Albertus dux Austriae, gener eius successit, anno Christianorum 1438, regnauitque annis duntaxat duobus, uir optimus, & Imperio dignus. Quo mortuo, Fridericus 3, dux Austriae, Ernesti filius, electione Principum Imperator constitutus fuit & annis 56, imperauit, uir ingenio diuinus & animo pacificus, anno domini 1440, cæpit regnare.

In the year of the World 1407 Sigismund is made Emperour, and governed 27 years: he indeavoured to wast and destroy the kingdome of Bohemia thereby to extinguish Heresie, but it little availed him. The Kingdome of France is most grievously wasted and consumed by the English and Burgundians: Sigismund being departed this life, Albert Duke of Austria, Sigismunds son in Law, succeeded in the year of Christians 1438. and only raigned two years, an admirable man and worthy of the Empire. He being deceased, Frederick the third Duke of Austria, the Son of Ernestus, by election of the Princes, is chosen Emperour: and reigned 56 years, a man of a Divine soul and peaceable conversation, who began to rule Anno Dom. 1440.

Anno Christianorum 1453, Constantinopolis traditione cuiusdam Ianuensis a Turcis capitur, et paulatim tota Graetia defecit a fide Christiana. Paruo enim tempore multa regna et prouinciae Christianorum a Turcis uastantur, et capiuntur. Multa Christiani bella inter sese hoc tempore habuerunt grauissima, in Gallia, Anglia, Saxionia, Vuestphallia, Prussia, Flandria, Sueuia, et aliis locis. His temporibus ars Impressoria Moguntiae Metropolis Alemaniae inuenta est denouo, mirabili industria, munere diuinitatis.

In the year of Christians 1453. Constantinople is taken of the Turks by Treachery of a certain Genoway, and a little after by degrees all Greece fell from their Christian faith. For a litle time after many Kingdoms and Provinces of the Christians were harrowed, wasted, and taken by the Turks. Many and most grievous wars the Christians had amongst themselves about this time, in France, England, Saxony, Westphalia, Prusia, Flanders, Sweden, and other places. In these times the Art of Printing was newly found out, and invented at Mogunce the Metropolis of Almain, by a wonderfull industry, and not without the speciall gift of the Deity.

Anno Christianorum 1456, Turci prostrati in Hungaria perfideles, multa perierunt. Puerorum peregrinatio ad sanctum Michaelem mirabilis fuit. Terramotus in regno Neapolitano fuerunt, & perierunt plus quam 40000 hominum.

In the year of Christ 1456. the Turks were overthrown in Hungaria by the faithfull Christians, whereof many of them perished. The Pilgrimage of young men to Saint Michael was wonderfull. There were Earthquakes in the Kingdome of Naples, and more then fourty thousand people perished thereby.

Anno [26] domini 1462, Moguntia capitur & spoliatur, Metropolis Francorum.

In the year of the World 1462 Moruntia is taken and spoiled being the Metropolis of the Franconians or Francks in Germany.

Carolus Dux Burgundiae Francos deuicit anno 1465. Postea anno 67, Dinant et Leodion destruxit. Anno 1473, intrauit Geldriam, eamque potenter obtinuit, similiter et decatum Lotharingiae totum.

Charles Duke of Burgundy overcame the Franconians in Anno 1465. after that in 1467 he destroyed the cities Dinant & Liege, An. 1473. he entered Gelderland, and with much valour obtained it, & in like manner all the whole Dukedome of Loraigne.

Cometes per mensem Ianuarium, anno domini 1472, apparunt. Carolus Dux Burgundiae oppidum Nuscicum ad anni spatium postea obsedit, anno 74, qui postea anno 1477 [sic], in bello fuit occisus princeps magnanimus. Turci multas Christianorum ciuitates his temporibus cœperunt, Nigropontum in Euboia. Regnum quoque Bosneum. Ducatum de Spetis, Achaiam, Mytsenam [*Mysiam], et plura regna in oriente.

A Comet during all the moneth of Ianuary 1472 appeared. Charles Duke of Burgundy not long besieged the Towne of Nussicum one whole years space, viz. in or about 1474. which Magnanimous Prince was afterwards slain in war 1467. The Turks took away from the Christians about these times, many of their cities, Nigropont in Euboia, the Kingdome of Bosnia, Dukedome of Speta, Achaia, Mysia, and more Kingdomes besides these in the East.

Anno 1476, concursus stultorum in Francia Germaniae factus est ad Niclaushausen, erroribus plenus.

Anno 1476 a convocation of fools was in Franconia of Germany neer Niclaushausen, full of errours.

Anno 1480, Turci magno cum exercitu Rhodianos obsederunt, sed non praeualerunt, eodem anno discedentes a Rhodis, Hyruntum cœperunt, interfectis Christianorum plusquam 12000, solum 22, fuga elapsis. Et anno sequenti Imperator Turcarum Machomet mortuus est, cui Baysetus primogenitus in regno successit, imperans iam in annum 27. Anno Christianorum 1486, Maximilianus Friderici filius Rex Romanorum Francofordiae constituitur, & Caesar a Iulio papa, anno 1508, salutatus est, qui ordinem militiae sancti Georgii contra hereticos & Turcas instituit, Suitenses bello domuit, Sycambros rebelles usque in hunc diem, bello impugnat, fortunabiturque aduersus fœdifragos omnes.

Anno 1480 the Turks besieged the Rhodians with a powerfull Armie but prevailed not; departing the same year from Rhodes, they took the city Hydruntum, more then twelve thousand Christians being slain there, only 22 souldiers escaping. The next year Mahomet Emperour of the Turks died; to whom Bajazet his first born succeeded in the Kingdome, having reigned now at this present 27 years. In the year of Christ 1486. Maximilian the Son of Frederick was instituted King of Romans at Franckford, and saluted Caesar by Iulius the Pope 1508. who instituted the Order of warfare of Saint George purposely against Hereticks and Turks: he brought the Switzers low by war, and even to this day makes war against the Rebellious Sicambrians; he will be fortunate against all such as break their Leagues or Covenants with him.

Rex Gallorum, suo more, persecutor imperii nouare insidias compertus [27] est. Omnipotens tueatur Samaelis imperio descriptos. Anno 1508, Veneti imperio Caesaris rebelles, et banno & bello notati sunt. Erit pertinatiae pena, satis factionis consultae praemium. Circa finem huius tertiae Reuolutionis Samaelis alterationis imago transibit ad primum, & erit perditio multorum. Nisi enim, aries, reducatur, Deo ministrante, ad algos, erit alicuius Monarchiar, uel magni alicuius translatio regni.

The King of France after his wonted manner, a constant persecutor of the Empire, is discovered to plot new devices against it. The Omnipotent protects those assigned to the Government of Samael: Anno 1508. the Venetians Rebels to the Empire of Caesar, are threatned with War and Banishment. Punishment of stubbornness will be the reward of an advised satisfaction. About the end of this third Revolution of Samael, the Image of alteration shall pass to the first and shall be the Perdition of many men for unless Aries be reduced again, (God assisting) (ad algos) there will be translation of one Monarchy, or of some great Kingdome.

A strong sect of Religion shall arise, and be the overthrow of the Ancient Religion.

Timendum ne caput unum amittat Bestia quarta.

In Samaele Mars primo praedixit diluuium, Troianum secundo excidium in tertio erit circa finem magnum unitatis detrimentum. Ex praecedentibus enim iudicentur futura quae sequntur. Non consumabitur Martis haec tertia Reuolutio sine prophetia, et nouae alicuius institutuinis religionis. Ab hinc anno christianorum 1508, restant anni usque ad finem gubernamenti Samaelis 17, in quibus dabuntur significantes initium malorum figure. Anno enim Christianorum 1525, cruces in uestimentis hominum uisae ante decennium quod praeteriit suum ostendent effectum, sed 13 ab hinc Iure citatus locum dabis nescienti, maior post fata resurges mihi in tertio nisi licet nebula tegas.

It's to be feared least the fourth beast lose one head.

Mars first of all in the Government of Samael foretold the Flood, in his second returne, the siege and destruction of Troy: in his third toward the end thereof will be found great want of Vnity: from matters preceding may be Judged what will or ought to succeed. This third Revolution of Mars shall not be consummated without Prophecie, and the institution of some new Religion, from this year of our Lord 1508. here yet remains untill the end of the Government of Samael 17. years wherein signes and figures shall be given, foreshewing the beginnings of evill. For in Anno. 1525. Crosses were seen in the garments of men by the space of ten years before, what is past already shall shew their effects: but 13 years from hence being justly summoned away, thou shalt surrender thy place to the (non Intelligent) thou shalt revive again far greater to me, after the Fates in the third; unless it be lawfull thou obscure thy self in a cloud.

Ordine uicesimo Gabriel Angelus Lunae mundi regimen recipiet Anno mundi 6732, mense 4, die mensis Iunii 4, anno Christianorum 1525, & mundum gubernabit annis 354 mensibus 4 usque ad annos mundi 7086 & mensem 8 Dominicae uero natiuitatis 1879 menses similiter 11.

The twentieth time in order, Gabriel Angell of the Moon received the moderation of the World, in the year of the World 6732. the fourth moneth, and fourth day of Iune: in the year of Christ 1525. and he shall regulate the world 354. years, and four moneths, untill the year of the world 7086. eighth moneth, but of our Lord Christ 1879. and 11. moneth.

20. Gabriel

Huius reuolutionis futura series prophetiam requirit.

Non haec assertiue scripsi Sacratissimae Caesar, quibus cum iniuria Orthodoxae fidei nulla est ratione credendum.

The future Series of this Revolution requireth Prophecy.

Most sacred Caesar, I have not wrote these things assertively, or that we must believe it by any means whatever with the injury of Orthodox Divinity.

Sunt uero qui menses in his supputauere Lunares, quibus consentiendum si duxeris, mutanda sunt ea, quae aliter scripsi.

There are some that in these things have supputed Lunar moneths, which if thou holdest fit to consent unto, then those things I have wrote must be varied.

Manu quoque mea propria protestor, et ore confiteor, quod in his omnibus nihil credo, nihilque admitto, nisi quod ecclesia credit catholica, caetera ut uana, conficta & superstitiosa refuto & contemno.

Laus Deo omnipotenti.

I protest with my own proper hand, and confess with my own mouth, that in all these things delivered, I beleeve nothing, or admit of anything, unless what the Catholick Church doth hold: the rest, I refute and contemn as vain, faigned and superstitious.

[Praise be to God Almighty.]

Finis Joh. Trit.

Englished 1647, by William Lilly, student in Astrologie.

TITLE:   The worlds catastrophe, or, Europes many mutations untill, 1666.
         The fate of Englands monarchy untill its subversion. Government of
         the vvorld under God by the seven planetary angels; their names,
         times of government. An exact type of the three svns seen in
         Cheshire and Shropshire, 3. April 1647. Their signification and
         portent, astrologically handled ... To which is added, A whip for
Other Titles: De Septem Secundeis (Seven Secondary Intelligences)
Authors:     Lilly, William, 1602-1681.
             Johannes Trithemius, 1462-1516.
Published:   London, Printed for J. Partridge, 1647.
Description: 3 p. l., 71 p. illus. 18 cm.
Library:     MNCAT U of M Twin Cities
Location:    ANDERSEN Rare Books (Non-Circulating)
Call No:     942.062 L628

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